About ingressmissions.info
ingressmissions.info is a website hosting a collection of different unofficial projects based around the augmented reality game Ingress by Niantic Labs. These projects are listed below. This website and the projects hosted here are not affiliated with Ingress, Niantic or Google in any way. If you would like to keep track of updates to the site, you can join the ingressmissions.info Google+ community. If you would like to contact the developer directly, you can email support@ingressmissions.info.

These medal tools are useful to use when creating Ingress mission series. They allow you to cut large pictures into the individual images needed for each mission, as well as viewing an approximation of how the medals will look in a profile once completed.

The original project hosted at this site, the ingressmissions.info mission directory is a publically accessible, global, crowdsourced directory of Ingress missions. It allows you to search for missions near your current location, or more usefully near any custom location (a feature that both the Ingress app and the Ingress Intel website originally lacked). Although this crowdsourced directory is now redundant, the project has been kept here in working order for historical value.

Prior to badges being publically released in 2013, it was possible to determine which badges you would qualify for. This project (originally hosted elsewhere) was created to display that data in a meaningful way.